pk10电脑版_China at 70 gains global applause over development

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A vpk10电脑版iew of pk10电脑版tian'anmen pk10电脑版pk10电脑版square under the blue sky in Beijing, May 6, 2019. [Photo/IC]

China's preparations for the celebrations of its 70th anniversary have become the talk of the town. International media are focusing on this mega event for their audiences, especially over the remarkable achievements which the Chinese nation has made in the last seven decades under the visionary leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC).

China's great success in the last seven decades has come because they never forgot their duty to perform their role and contribute to their own society and the world.

The notable changes in China with the passage of the time helped the country play a central role at international forums with the ultimate power of economy.

China has developed its society by providing maximum benefits and facilities to citizens by tackling poverty problems. It has also actively participated in the international community and been a signatory to more than 60 multilateral agreements, gaining a positive reputation for its diplomacy.

China's development indicates that Socialism with Chinese characteristics can help in developing the country and this has boosted the biggest population in the world, paving its way toward success.

Since the founding of the People's Republic of China in 1949, the nation has made outstanding achievements within a few decades. But these did not come easily, as they were made under great difficulties and challenges from home and abroad.

China's development showed that it pursued a different system which has produced a series of results and benefits for the society.

These outstanding achievements belong to the unique system of China adopted by the CPC as per the Chinese nature and environment.

These achievements break the misconceptions of imitating the Western model and proved that the system must be based on actual conditions to play its role as it enriches the diversity of the world governance model.

Not only does China's system build confidence for other countries to follow the road of independent development, but also it provides a reference for them to build their own development model and system.

In my opinion, the essential characteristic of China's system is the construction of a governance system which has helped the nation to achieve marvelous success in various fields of life.

In the last seven decades, this system maintained balance between political participation and political stability. It also gained worldwide acknowledgement from the international community as it fed the biggest population of the world, tackling the worst poverty problems.

This system, which takes credit for solving critical issues of society in the last 70 years, maintained political openness and engagement and also ensured the implementation of decision-making to mobilize necessary resources.

The success of the Chinese nation and system lies in its institutional flexibility and adaptability.

In the last seven decades, China's development experience demonstrates that only by constantly adapting to the reality of development can the system generate such huge vitality.

China's system is rooted in a culture that values peace, advocates the doctrine of the mean and pursues harmony in diversity as well as harmony between man and nature. This can be summarized as benevolence, righteousness, harmony and integration.

The marvelous and outstanding achievements of China are a message that you have to believe in the method you have adopted to realize your goals.

The Chinese success is a clear example where people believed in the leadership and the path adopted by the CPC.

The experiences of the people in the Chinese system strengthened their belief that the sustainable development may only be gained through win-win cooperation and shared work.

Through the system adopted by China, when achievements were showcased by China to the international community, then the world started paying attention to the path followed by the Chinese people.

In these 70 years, resource conservation, environmental protection and sustainable development were taken very seriously at the national strategic level from the very beginning. China attached importance to the national tradition of savings and strong national financial resources, which effectively solved many problems of society.

In spite of the accomplishments it has made, China still faces numerous difficulties and challenges, ideological barriers, special interest problems and developmental bottlenecks, to list just a few. The only solution is to continue the reform and innovation.

The author is a subeditor at Pajhwok Afghan News, Afghanistan's largest independent news agency. The opinions expressed here are those of the writer and do not represent the views of China Daily and China Daily website.